Finding your "WHY" and how this is the most important thing you can do in your Physical Therapy career.

Joey Salgado taking instructions from Nancy Adachi


     A huge thank you to Randal and Jay of Jetset Rehab Education for putting together an

amazing course on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in Las Vegas. I’ve taken some pretty good

courses in  the past 4 years as a physical therapist, however NONE of those previous courses 

provided the same type of value that Jet Set Rehab provided.   Nancy Adachi (the 

instructor of the course) provided us with an amazing knowledge base that we can 

now begin to apply with our TMJ/TMD population.   Her amazing manual and 

clinical reasoning skills were crucial to my experience because she provided us with 

information that has accumulated throughout her years as a TMD specialist.  The 

whole experience as a package was simply unheard of!  Everything from the hotel 

stay at the Vdara, the shuttle ride to the course, happy hour with the instructor, and 

finally, your choice of Vodka Tasting, spa day, or a Vegas show.  ALL experiences 

were absolutely beneficial to my growth as a PT, businessman, and most of all, as a 

person. As each day progressed, I understood the Jetset Rehab Education

 philosophy and reasoning as to why they began this company.   I was immediately connected to

their ‘why,’ and for that very reason, I will be taking as many Jet Set Rehab courses as my

schedule will allow!

Knowing your ‘why’ is something that doesn’t just appear with what you do for a 

living.  Knowing your ‘why’ takes some time to develop and understand.  For myself, 

it has been long road to get to where I am now.  When I began my journey as a cash-

based PT practice owner, I often doubted myself because of the fear of not making it.  

I worked at two different outpatient jobs that I was simply unhappy doing day in, 

day out.  I was seeing 3-4 people per hour and passing them on to aides or assistants 

to finish off their sessions.  And to top off my day, I sat for an hour or so 

documenting (I’m sure some of you can relate).  I began to wonder, why did I put 

myself through 7 years of college to be this miserable?   I knew that there was 

something else in our profession that could change my life for the better, but I didn’t 

know what it was or where to find it. 

It wasn’t until last July-August of 2014 where I was presented with an opportunity, 

not a job, but an opportunity.  I had no idea that my interview was for a chance to 

open my own practice.   I was extremely terrified at the idea by being on my own 

and going away from the traditional outpatient model of accepting insurance.  

However, I came across a powerful TED TALK by Simon Sinek, “How Leaders Inspire 

Action.”  After watching this talk, I realized that it all made sense.  What drives me to 

become better everyday is the fact that I enjoy gifting and helping others.  I simply 

enjoy making people smile and help them get through their day without worrying 

about those nagging aches/pains that cause distress in their lives.  Having my own 

practice has allowed me to develop compelling relationships with people that are 

involved in many other fields and this has empowered myself to become a better 

person, which just so happens to help me in my practice.  

During my stay in Vegas, I developed great relationships with the people in the 

course and felt connected through our conversations.  Given this opportunity, I 

asked Randal why him and Jay started Jet Set Rehab.  He gave me a very simple 

answer that could not have made any more sense.  They both were tired of taking 

classes without the opportunities to mingle and connect with others.  What better 

way to take a class somewhere fun and have social outings that were part of the 

cont. ed experience? What a genius idea!  They both are starting an amazing journey 

to provide healthcare practitioners a platform to not only get better clinically, but to 

become better people in our communities through the multiple connections we 

make.   I take this time to thank you Randal and Jay for giving me an opportunity to 

be an official Jet Setter!  I look forward to the next class on September 12th.  link to register here

Joey Salgado, PT, DPT, SFMA, FMSC



Instagram:  @progressivemotionpt