Podcast: Achieving Financial Independence as a Physical Therapist (and paying off those loans)

disclaimer:  We are not financial advisors.  Correction:  I mention that our guest is in his mid 30s, but at the time of the recording he is 29, he will be financially independent in his early 30s. 

Every now and then something simple can change your life.  Often it is an idea and this idea aligns with something inside you that makes it stick.  It then grows into a thought process and evolves into a major change.  In my case, reading the blog The Fifth Wheel PT by Dr. Jared Casazza enacted such a change.  In particular this blog post and this guest blog post led me to begin a journey that led to early student loan repayment, increasing my index fund investing (roth ira) and tracking my finances.  It further led to credit card hacking with Andy Bahn and traveling to Hawaii and Las Vegas for free!

Now, I know, financial independence can sound impossible for some of you.  The debt can be overwhelming.  Trust me, there is a way out.  You just have to know down that FIRST DOMINO as they say.  It is simpler that you think.  It will take work, it will initially be time consuming but once you have your system in place it you don't have to think about it!

I am not in anyway a financial advisor but I see finance as one of the main downfalls of our profession.  I see people who are not happy with their place of work staying in jobs they dislike because of financial reasons.  Finance and Ethics are very closely intertwinned and can potentially lead to people doing a poor job at getting people better because they dislike their job.  I see these as potential threats to the profession of PT, further exacerbated by high student loan debt, purchases of expensive cars, buying homes, buying unneeded items at target and not putting money in a retirement fund.  All of this puts financial pressure on the PT and who knows?  Perhaps we are losing some amazing PTs out there because they see a profession that is not financially healthy and thus choose to do something else.  For this reason I have been using this blog to help people get to the resources that can change the way they handle their business.  I hope you enjoy this podcast and read a few of the resources we linked to below.

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Randal Glaser


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